Excerpt from a history of our Pension:

First reference about a timbered homestead Sirtschergrund is from 1772, when a local reeve Knobloch z Bořejova deforested parts of woods, where he built up a family house for his son. In 1809 a garner and a barn were added to the complex. Their living composed from growing a flax and fruit growing. After Second World War, the complex was administered by local JZD (Collective Farm). In those times a barn and smaller stone house were demolished.

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  • Price list:

    Prices are charged for one person per night.

    Summer holidays: 1st July–31st August

    Adult: 650 CZK
    Children 3–12 yrs: 550 CZK
    Children 0–3 yrs without bed: for free

    Summer: 1st May–30th June;
    Autumn: 1st September – 31th October

    Adult: 570 CZK
    Children 3–12 yrs: 470 CZK
    Children 0–3 yrs without bed: for free

    Spring: 1st–30th April

    Adult: 540 CZK
    Children 3–12 yrs: 440 CZK
    Children 0–3 yrs without bed: for free

    Winter: 1st November–31th March

    Adult: 500 CZK
    Children 3–12 yrs: 400 CZK
    Children 0–3 yrs without bed: for free

  • Additional costs:

    Village fee: 5 CZK/person/day

    In case the apartment would be book for only one night, you will be charged additional 100 CZK to the current prices.

    Village Fee:

    Village fee will is counted for every commenced day, but day of arrival. Village fee is 5 CZK per person.

  • Information about payment:

    While finishing your reservation, it is necessary to pay deposit of 50% of total payment for an accommodation prior to your arrival. Until we receive this deposit, we do not reserve your places and can be offered to anyone else.

    A deposit is automatically returned in case that you cancel your order 30 days before the eventual commencement. In case that it will be cancelled in later than 30 days before eventual commencement we will pay you back only if you will be replaced by other customers (this happens in 99% of all cases).

ikona Warning [obrázek]

Host’s notice

You can accommodate after 4PM on a day of your arrival and you have to leave your rooms by 11AM on a day
of your departure. Please obey foresaid times that you give us time to prepare apartments for other Pension’s
guests. Thank you.

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