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Pension Ždírecký Důl is located in the northern part of a landscape park Kokořínsko, just about 6 km far from city of Doksy and 5 km from Dubá. Pension is actually established in 200 years-old log homestead, which has undergone a sensitive reconstruction very recently and has been declared as a cultural heritage due to its authenticity. Homestead is surrounded by woods and pastures and offers marvellous views of landscape.

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Thanks to its location, Pension Ždírecký Důl offers a place for summer recreation. No matter what your intentions for recreations are, pension offers wide range of activities like spending time nearby water, tourism or enjoying your time from bicycle saddle. Everything is located so close – Máchovo jezero, natural swimming pool Nedamov, serious of cultural monuments, castles and palaces like Bezděz, Kokořín or Zákupy.

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    Energetic vacation

    Landscape park Kokořínsko is favourite locality for cycling tourism because of several well-indicated cycle ways passing through the most significant places of Kokořínsko area. Hikers will appreciate this as well. Athletes may use facilities located in Doksy, Staré Splavy or ČeskáLípa.

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    Families with children

    Pension is popular among families with younger children. Vast garden with a sandpit and a little pool is an ideal place for your beloved. We can offer toys and parlour games too. Your children may experience unique experience from riding a pony or we breed a number of bulls, sheep and horses in our stables.

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    Nature all around

    Dominant feature of the pension is calm environment in the middle of woods that attracts mushroom pickers especially at the end of summer season. During hot summer it serves as a base for tourists. For those interested in hiking we offer maps and guides along with promotional products of excursions spots.

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Five ponds are located in radius of 15 km that can be used for fishing. For those who don’t own fishing license we offer a possibility of fishing in Doksy or Oboř where they can buy a temporary license and borrow equipment. Also, there is a wide range of place for climbers of all levels, from beginners to advanced ones. More about this in the section Tips for trips. We believe that you will enjoy your time in here.