How to reserve your apartment (tips):

Since April 2012 we offer two brand new rooms in the first floor of the reconstructed garner. Ždírecký Důl is frequently visited because of its location on the border of natural preservation area Kokořínsko and Macha’s region; therefore, it is recommended to reserve your places ahead of time of your arrival. We communicate reservations via email or by phone, where you will be told a date of your reservation and a deposit sum.

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When being on your way, don’t forget to look up our address or type in our GPS co-ordinates. Pension is located at the top of a hill and is visible from a road going from Ždírec to Nedamov. When you reach this place, you can then easily orientate according to yellow-black arrows marked with ŽDÍRECKÝ DŮL – UBYTOVÁNÍ that will get you on the right place. We hope that it won’t cause any difficulty on your way and you will smoothly find our Pension. We are looking forward your visit...

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    Penzion Ždírecký Důl
    Ždírecký Důl 3, 472 01 Ždírec
    Czech republic

    Ilona Drahotová, tel.: +420 721 657 194
    (I speak english)

    GPS co-ordinates:
    50°31'8.334"N, 14°36'13.737"E